Meet Our Leadership Team

Mary Lazaro
25 years old
2 children
Emairete Village

Mary is fluent in English because she was a school teacher. She is planning on returning to be a teacher when her two children are older. Her youngest, Brenda, is 8 months old. She is one of the coordinators, linking the Monduli and Rift Valley Zones of the MWPO.

Grace Samweli
48 years old
5 children
Ngarash Village

Grace has been a preacher in the Ngarash Luthern Church. She is a stove installation team leader in her village and also trains other women who are new to the stove installation process. 

Mary served as a staff member of the Maasai Stoves and Solar project, and is the represetative in Enguiki. She is a leader in the Enguiki Congregation of the Tanzanian Assembly of God. She is also the Assistant Secretary of the MPWO

Mary Yohana
40 years old
5 children
Enguiki Village
Ngakenya Lengoije
2 children
Selela Village

Ngakenya received training in secretarial work at the Arusha Information and Technology College. She speaks English and is also a coordinator of the Monduli and Rift Valley organizational zones. She is a great help in the sharing of ideas and activities.

Neema Korduni
29 years old
2 children
Emairete Village

Neema is responsible for the sales and distribution of stoves in Emairete as a Maasai Stoves and Solar staff member. She is a leader in the Emairete Baptist Church in addition to being the General Secretary of the MPWO.

Maria is often the representative for Maasai Solar and Stoves and she explains it to women who are considering joining the project. She is known for her beautiful singing and being the secretary of the choir at the Eguiki Lutheran Church. She now serves on the MPWO leadership committee.

Maria Kakiane
50 years old
7 children
Enguiki Village
Martha Lobulu